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Three-Photon Interference Measured At Long Last
April 17, 2017
Quantum interference involving three photons has been measured by two independent teams of physicists. Seeing the effect requires the ability to deliver three indistinguishable photons to the same place at the same time and also to ensure that much more common single-photon and two-photon interference effects are eliminated from the measurements.
Article: Physics World
Viewpoint: Physics

Does space heat up when you accelerate?
April 14, 2017
More than 40 years ago, a leading relativity theorist made a surprising prediction. Whereas empty space should feel immeasurably cold to any observer gliding along at a constant speed, one who is accelerating, say because he's riding a rocket, would find empty space hot. This so-called Unruh effect seemed practically impossible to measure, but now four theorists claim they have devised a doable experiment that could confirm the underlying physics.
Article: Science
Abstract: Physical Review Letters

Negative Mass Fluid
April 13, 2017
Scientists claim to have created a fluid with negative mass, meaning it behaves unlike every physical object in the world. When an object with mass is pushed, it will accelerate in the direction of the force, whereas one with negative mass will accelerate toward the force pushing it.
Article: iNews
Abstract: Physical Review Letters

There Are Way Worse Ways Carbon Monoxide Can Kill You
April 12, 2017
Us Earthlings are quite lucky to be living at around standard temperature and pressure. Life has evolved to comfortably handle the shapes in which most molecules have arranged themselves under temperatures of about 32 degrees Fahrenheit and atmospheric pressures of an average day at sea level. But on other planets, at other temperatures and pressures, lots of things we take for granted would probably just kill us. Even the usual killers might be worse.
Article: Gizmodo
Abstract: Physical Review B

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