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Graduate students enrolled full-time in an educational institution qualify for membership at a reduced rate of $38. Undergraduate students, $25. Student membership includes two free Divisions or Topical Groups, in addition to complimentary Forums and Sections.

Students may choose ONE of the following:

  • Free online subscription to Physical Review Letters, Reviews of Modern Physics or one section of Physical Review; or,
  • $25 discount on (Physical Review Online Archive) PROLA.

Free Trial Membership for Undergraduate & Graduate Students

For undergraduate and graduate students, APS offers a free year to introduce you to the American and international physics community. 

Qualifications for Free Trial Membership:

  • Enrolled as a full-time student
  • First time applicant for APS membership

After the one free year, you may retain membership at a special low student rate and continue to receive all the student privileges as long as you are a student.

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Nathan Leefer, Sarah Ferrell, and Arman Cingoz
© Damon English

Nathan Leefer, Sarah Ferrell, and Arman Cingoz at UC - Berkeley with the new version of the variation-of-α apparatus used to monitor transition frequencies.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 040801
Phys. Rev. A 76 (6), 062104

10 Reasons APS Student Membership Rocks

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10 Reasons APS Student Membership Rocks

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