Committee on Membership

The membership of the Committee on Membership consists of the CEO or designate and nine (9) persons selected by the Committee on Committees and appointed by the President-Elect to staggered three-year terms. The President-Elect appoints the Chair from among the nine members. The Committee suggests to Council means for improving the relationship between the Society and its members, for enhancing services, including APS publications that the Society provides to its members on payment of their membership dues, and for improving other activities in the area of membership as delegated to it by the Council.

Chair: Colin Howard (01/18 - 12/18)
ICU Medical

Member: Shuo Chen (01/18 - 12/20)
Univ of Houston

Member: Mandy K Rominsky (01/16 - 12/18)

Member: Rudi Michalak (01/17 - 12/19)
Univ of Wyoming

Member: Mohammad Soltanieh-Ha (01/16 - 12/18)

Member: Thomas David Cohen (01/17 - 12/19)
Univ of Maryland-College Park

Member: Ivy K. Jones (01/16 - 12/18)
Lawrence Livermore Natl Lab

Member: Sean Keller (01/18 - 12/20)
Raytheon Missile Systems

Student Member: Midhat Farooq (01/17 - 12/18)
Univ of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Staff Advisor: Marla Dowell (01/18 - 12/20)
NIST - Boulder