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Revisiting EMF Risks
July 8, 2014
Is the New York Times irresponsibly raising the specter of extremely low frequency radio wave risks?
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Cosmic Void Structure
July 7, 2014
A simple equation can describe large-scale bubbles that appear in the dark matter distributed throughout the Universe.
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Modeling Molecular Magnets
July 7, 2014
The complete magnetic properties of the prototype molecular magnet Mn12 have been modeled, for the first time.
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Planck and BICEP2 May Share Data
July 2, 2014
Scientists on rival studies of the early universe in discussion about working together.
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APS Bridge ProgramAPS Bridge Program Annual Meeting
This year’s meeting focused on the role of the Master's degree in advancing underrepresented minority students toward PhDs in physics.
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Laura Greene2014 APS Election Results
APS members have elected Laura Greene, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to the office of Vice President of the Society starting in 2015.
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July APS NewsIn the July Issue of APS News...
An update on open data, an introduction to the U.S. Physics Olympiad team, an interview with NSF's new director, and more.
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Edward WittenAPS Member Wins 2014 Kyoto Prize
Theoretical physicist Edward Witten of the Institute for Advanced Study was named one of the recipients of this year’s prestigious Kyoto Prize.
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BICEP2Physical Review Letters Publishes BICEP2 Paper
In a paper published today in Physical Review Letters, the BICEP2 team reports on what they say might be evidence of cosmic inflation.
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Trial Balloon on Helium Purchasing Plan LaunchedTrial Balloon on Helium Purchasing Plan Launched
APS is partnering with the ACS and DLA to secure lower helium prices for researchers.
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LHCLife After Higgs
Congress calls on physics leaders to discuss the recently released P5 report and its vision for the future of  particle physics in the United States.
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PIEPreparing Physicists for Entrepreneurship
A recent conference at APS brought together physics educators to develop ways to add more innovation and business training to their curricula.
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APS Corporate Reform

Background information, FAQs, and video updates on APS's corporate reform initiative.
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2014 APS Joseph A. Burton Forum Award Recipient

May Michael M. May
Stanford University

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